Techabc Vision

We all live in cities powered by 4IR technologies, special smart cities, AI, fintech, IoT and blockchain today. Cities are the epicentre of our humanity, social, economic and technology models. Now, more than ever, in a world global technology connected, we as citizens and our cities, nations are facing so many challenges.

techabc aims to offer solutions and products to reinvent, support and rank the top cities/nations with a 4IR Blockchain, AI, Fintech, IoT.
techabc offers tech blockchain, AI digital tools and platforms to strengthen, link and unite cities and their struggling populations.

Every city/nation needs to become a live digital platform where ideas, resources, tech, data and intelligence can be used in order to prosper.
techabc offers multiple possibilities of 4IR digital transformation for businesses and organisations

techabc offers tools for growth to the best of our identity, research, health, art, culture, social, architectural, economic, political, environmental, and scientific with the optimal mix of nature, technology, humanity, and arts.

We built techabc and our platform with that in mind.
― Dinis Guarda / Hilton Supra

is a digital transformation platform to empower, guide and index cities.. citiesabc was built to unite, support, rank the top cities/governments in the world. reinventing, uniting, supporting, ranking the top cities/nations with a 4IR Blockchain, AI, Fintech, IOT digital platform.

a SAAS platform to create indexation of ID, financial services, marketplaces on DLT and AI

an AI & Big Data powered SAAS to index and create data visualisation of ecosystems, cities, countries, universities, communities

Lifestyle, wellness, and healthcare PaaS blueprint . Blockchain and AI powered search engine, operating system and marketplace for healthcare, wellbeing and lifestyle information

Reinventing, uniting, supporting, ranking the top cities/nations
with a 4IR Blockchain, AI, Fintech, IOT digital platform

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About us

techabc is a company platform created to empower cities, citizens and nations.
techabc offers cutting edge innovative technology with AI, blockchain financial data-driven strategy for cities, organisations and countries.

techabc builds premium platforms of the best-in-class tech to impact a very changing world.
It was created by a team of leading thought leaders, influencers, academics, technologists and top financial personalities with decades of high profile positions in some of the leading international organisations.

techabc is building and expanding into the current innovative revolution of financial technologies, distributed ledger technology and machine learning.

Team and Advisors

Our team combines decades of investment experience and in-depth knowledge of the technologies into which we are investing.