Techabc Portfolio

Techabc is a cutting edge innovative private technology and financial data driven strategy that is building a premium portfolio of the best-in-class growth companies in the world.

Techabc was created by a team of influencers, technologists and financial leaders with decades of high profile positions in some of the leading international organisations.

Techabc is building and expanding into the present innovative revolution of financial technologies, distributed ledger technology and machine learning.

Techabc is building and investing in a selected number of high quality startups and established companies that are the best of their sector, in fintech, blockchain and AI. The portfolio and it’s incubator, uses proven management, IP product metrics and focused investment direction to maximise investor return and create a global powerhouse of companies that offer new solutions for the global digital economy.

Focussed Strategy

We have a focused business strategy that targets high growth in a rapidly expanding sector. Our existing business targets have been 100% identified and are not conceptual.

Domain Expertise

Our investments are closely monitored and controlled by expert sector professionals and thought-leaders. We have extensive technological and IP support from Ztudium and its selected partners.

Equity Based

The fund is primarily equity driven, not ICO dependent. Where applicable ICOs are used as enhancements but not the fund's focus. We are fully licensed and regulated where required.

Diversified Portfolio

Our areas of investment are high-growth technology industries of Fintech, Blockchain and AI. Our varied portfolio of established companies deploying their technology with their customers gives diversity and reduces overall risk.

Our Goal

In the medium term, Techabc aims to obtain a public listing. This will aid investor accessibility and liquidity if required. Get in touch to find out more about the portfolio and our roadmap.

Ambitious Growth

We're ambitious and have carefully selected our portfolio. The fund is designed to be scalable to much higher levels dependent upon committed financial backing.


Our team combines decades of investment experience and in-depth knowledge of the technologies into which we are investing.